Friday, March 13, 2009

Catching Up!

Okay time for an update! So I am back in school! I am applying to University of Indianapolis for my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. I am currently taking some general studies courses at Ivy Tech. I have also started spending more time at Hope House, the teen maternity home. I stay there 4 nights a week. This past week I also joined the care team which is the decision making body that deals with the residents. Two days after that I agreed to be a case manager for the next resident needing one. I am excited and scared because this is really what I am wanting to do but I am not sure if I am ready for it. So definitely pray for me!

Rylee is starting to read so you will have to check out our youtube page for the video of her first time actually trying to read a school book! She is doing amazing. Now if mommy could just remember to practice with her daily! I am definitely not going to win mother of the year. She is six now and seems to be growing up before my eyes! She has been playing the Wii much more often and having a ball at it. She also got a Leapster for her birthday and takes it almost everytime she gets in the car. Her favorite candy right now is baby bottle pops cause she has the best Nana in the world, who gets her all the new flavors. She loves playing with her webkins and purses. She is so totally imaginative and I really enjoy watching her play. Rylee also has a new friend that she gets to go to school with and is also in Daisies with. Her name is Lillie and her mom is pretty cool too. Sometimes she comes over and rides the bus with Rylee.

She is so smart. I got her report card in January and she is already doing everything she is supposed to be doing by the end of the year. The only issue she is having is that she cannot tell you what twelve, eleven, twenty and twenty two look like. We are working on it. We will get it down in a week or two!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Rylee and S'mores

Glitter and shimmer make-up

Nail Polish and Lip Gloss (Ry is obsessed with this and it was Baby bottle pops which is her Favorite kind of candy)

These are the infamous beads but this pic is decieving because it doesn't show how small they are!!!

Rylee in her new bed (which she informed me she is afraid of sleeping in)

Merry Christmas! Ry and I had a fun day on Christmas Eve! I started the day by figuring out that I didn't have enough batteries for her new pony. Next Ry woke up and I thought her cold had progressed into bronchittus so we went to the Minute clinic. We went to get her perscription filled and ended up having to wait for an hour. We returned home and I decided that since she was going to her dad's I would just give her the present she was getting. About 20 minutes later I found out she wasn't going to her dad's until Christmas morning. So I could have waited and let her open them when she got up. I worked in the Nursery at church which was the best part of my day. After church I planned on going to the grocery to get some stuff to make food on Christmas. I went to 3 different groceries and all were closed before 8pm. It was a very eventful day. This morning Ry and I woke up and made necklaces and earrings from beads (a craft thing that Angel got Rylee). She and I also took pics of her presents. We also made a video which I am adding to my youtube account. I will post it under Rylee's eyebrows! I hope this has been an entertaining story for everyone.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

This year we were invited to Anais and Don's house for a party and trick or treating. We went over early to help make chili. She made enough food for an army. At 6 we left the house and went around their neighborhood with the Inmon's and the Moore's. West was the Hulk, Fin was Elmo, Kendall was a pink fairy or butterfly(I can't remember which but she was cute) and Landon was spiderman. Rylee was a Colt's cheerleader (thanks grammy).Later in the night Joe and Rachel came over dressed as Juno and Bleeker. It was too funny. Don got the new Rock Band delivered that day so we played that for a few hours as well. You will have to check out my youtube to see Rylee's skills as the singer. For those of you who don't know you either have to know the song or be able to read in order to follow along with the karioke(sp?) type game. She had never heard the song nor had I and she definitely can't read. She was the top preformer with the bandmates of Joe and Don. She is a totally gifted girl!

So also on Saturday we went to Judy's house to play with Sammi. They gave Ry a glow in the dark necklace. As we were leaving the neighborhood Ry screamed and I looked in the rear view mirror to see her entire mouth glowing! She totally freaked out because Nana had told her not to bite them because the stuff inside could kill her. Freak out is an understatement. She went into full out melt down. She was shaking from fear before we got back to Judy's house. Needless to say it was a scary thing but I read the package and it said it was nontoxic. We also called poison control and they just said to rinse and then have a couple glasses of water. Rylee was thinking about not believing the professionals but calmed down after about 20 minutes. She then told me that she was going to be able to go to school for 7 weeks until she was sure she was okay. I made tons of jokes about it but she just wasn't going to laugh about it. So I made her check her pee all night and let me know if it was glowing. It didn't so it didn't get any funnier for me.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall moments

Hey I just realized that I was supposed to be blogging once a week about Rylee and I. So umm here I will try again. I am sure I will not keep it up again. Any way this week Ry and I did the usual of school and work. Rylee did get into trouble for the first time this week so we lasted a very long time. Her teacher has a system where they have gingerbread cut outs in a spot. If they get into trouble they have to take their gingerbread out of the spot. Ry was talking too much (who would have guessed) and so she lost her gingerbread.

On Saturday she and I went to Beasley's with Anais, Don, West, and Fin. We got to see a puppet show. She got her face painted like a tiger. We jumped in a bounce house and went on a hay ride. She wanted to buy the biggest pumpkin in the whole place but I would have had to take out a loan to pay for it. We settled on a tall skinny one.

After Beasley's we went to the Hendricks county Republican dinner. We ate free BBQ sandwhiches with Mel and her girls. Then we went to play with Leslie's family, Judy's family, and Mel's family. All in all it was a fun day. Oh I forgot to say that I got my first political sign. Of course it is McCain and Palin.

Things are good around here right now. They are busy but there is never a dull moment. I am trying to put a budget together but who knows if that will work. Here are some pictures from yesterday. Oh I also went out on Friday and I took some pictures of myself because I really liked how I looked.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Blog

I have just recently figured out that my old blog has been erased but I used the same web address to cut out some confusion. I have plenty to write about and I will do so really soon. Things are well with Ry and I. I am going to try and write at least once a month but maybe even as often as once a week. I think it will help me with my memory. Ry is off to her dad's this weekend so maybe I will have time to write about this week and next.